Custom Bracing by Russett Rehabilitation

During your rehabilitation from injury or healing from surgery, bracing may help support your joints and relieve pressure on your muscles.

Why choose bracing?

Bracing is a straightforward way to mechanically support your joints and muscles without the need for drugs or surgery. Modern braces are made from the latest composite materials to be lightweight yet strong, firm yet flexible, and suitable for all levels of use from everyday use to sport-specific designs. Braces for specific joints such as a knee brace also offer pain relief and support for those with arthritis and other joint conditions.

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Bracing and braces

Bracing may include the use of off the shelf braces or custom-made medical braces created to your exact measurements. Bracing services will include a review of your specific needs to determine the best bracing option for your impairment.

Taping services

Taping is a temporary option that involves providing postural support, joint stabilization and proprioceptive feedback, all which help address your pain, mobility and function.

Sports braces

Sports braces are used in almost every athletic sport from track and field to tennis and skiing. Sports braces can be used to stabilize joints during rehabilitation so you can return to training more quickly. They can also help prevent further injuries, take the pressure of hard-working joints and provide proprioceptive feedback (improved joint awareness). Click here for more details on our sports therapy service.

Our Russett Rehabilitation braces services

Our team of physical therapists have knowledge and access to bracing and taping techniques as part of any rehabilitation and recovery program.

Your bracing and taping experts at Russett Rehabilitation include: